Emergency Clean Water Networks Mobilization Effort for Puerto Rico

(post Hurricane Maria)

Donate to Borinken Clean Water Network Mobilization

Help raise $60,000 to mobilize an on the ground network of water filtration for the people living and working in Puerto Rico




 to donate to a filter mission through WavesforWater.org


Rock & Ice Magazine catches up with Climbing PR… [click here for full article]

Thank you for taking the time to read this. The funds from this fundraiser will go directly toward the purchase, freight, and distribution expenses for 3,000 water purification filters, to create a network of clean water around the island of Puerto Rico for the people who are trying to survive in the aftermath of the Natural Disaster Hurricane Maria. Here is a link to the products that will be purchased:

  • Katadyn Hiker Pro
  • Katadyn BeFree 1L/3L/10L
  • Sawyer Bucket Purifier

While the FEMA & federal government response to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has been commendable, it has become VERY clear that their effort is NOT ENOUGH. NOW is the time to show the world that we as human beings are willing and capable of banding together to help and heal great numbers of people in their time of struggle and need. I’m in touch with several of the citizen led relief efforts on the ground. The MAJORITY of the island outside of the San Juan Metro area has not received any federal aide or relief and many communities don’t have access to food or water, and donations are just sitting at the port because they don’t have 1)enough capable volunteers available to distribute donation items 2)communication with the municipalities in charge of receiving and distributing items Here are the on the ground organizations & funds that this fundraiser will support:








Clean water is essential for life.

Hurricane Maria, one of the strongest and fastest growing storm systems in the Caribbean made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017 leaving the entire island without power and millions of people without access to clean drinking water.

Make a donation today that mobilizes the effort to provide emergency filtration island wide.

Once the funding goal is reached, a shipment of 3 pallets of roughly 400 portable gravity filtration systems (plus replacement cartridges) will be deployed to 3 major population centers around the island, received by a ground team, and distributed to families, temporary shelter locations, and relief operations.



Donate to Borinken Clean Water Network Mobilization

Help raise $60,000 to mobilize an on the ground network of water filtration for the people living and working in Puerto Rico






May 30th, 2017 – Part I: Partner Acrobatics Masterclass Series with Mishan

This summer we have the amazing opportunity to learn from an amazing cirque performer & acrobat Mishannock Bruno Ferrero!

Mishan has traveled the world.

From Mishan:

“I started circus when I was about 14 years old in Sweden — 3 years of circus high school, then 3 years at the national circus school in Montreal. For the last 3 years I’ve been on tour around the world performing. In June, I start a new adventure with Cirque du Soleil .

My main disciplines are hand to hand (partner acrobatics), icarien games, and banquin. We will be touching bases on a bit of all of them, learning the right alignments, techniques, and trying new things. As an all level class, we will adapt and have fun together!

Come learn to throw people around and be thrown around in a fun and safe way! See you guys soon!”

Check out his Instagram:

And some video of him in action!




Partner Acrobatics & Cirque MASTERCLASS SERIES: 8pm

90 mins – open level

Part I: May 30th, 2017
Part II: June 6th, 2017
Part III: June 13th,2017

COST per class:

$35 Early Birds & members of X-treme Rock Climbing
$40 non-members & at the door

COST series (3 classes):

$90 members
$100 non-members

***climbing passes INCLUDED in the cost of the series!***

Send a PM to Aiyesha Ghani to reserve your spot!
or email: peacefulrock@gmail.com!



April 22, 2017 AcroBeach Day!

Jam in the Sand + Potluck

Join us at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne for a FREE AcroYoga class taught by Aiyesha followed by a Jam in the Sand + Potluck.


Class starts at 11:00am

Jam 12:00 pm onward!

Click here to join the discussion on Facebook!


::Sept 24, 2016 – Sunday Soundbath

Join Sabrina for a Sunday Soundbath!

De-stress and resonate with a fresh vibe for your upcoming week!


 $11 per person

FREE! for X-treme Members

::Oct 1st, 2016

JAMbassadors, yoga instructor Anny Nottaro & her partner, Nestor Sandoval, come to Peaceful Rock on Saturday, October 1st from 3pm – 5pm to share some acro skills in calibrating for counterbalancing!


Cost (includes day pass + climbing gear):

$20 X-treme members

$30 non-members

$40 couples
To register/reserve:

Call:    X-Treme (305-233-6623)

Email: peacefulrock@gmail.com